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«Наш клиент всегда прав»

Law firm «Maslov, Gashinski and partners»

Law firm «Maslov, Gashinski and partners» was established in 2016, when lawyers with stupendous experience of practice in different branches of law came together in order to form a joint advocate practice.
During this time, our attorneys have earned the reputation of being respected and effective lawyers on behalf of our clients.
The advocates of our bureau provide legal assistance to Belarusian citizens and foreign citizens, taking advantage of their complex knowledge of the Belarusian legislation and international law.

Our advocates conduct

- civil cases (all disputes concerning marriage, parentage, divorce, inheritance and property disposal, consumer protection and etc.);
- criminal cases (drug trafficking, murder, infliction of grievous bodily harm, theft, insult, burglary, hooliganism, kidnapping, hijacking, cybercrime, sexual violence and etc.);
- administrative cases (driving under the influence of alcohol, unauthorized occupation of a land, minor hooliganism, property damages, disclosing commercial secret, non-return of funds in foreign currency from abroad, deportation, violation of traffic rules and etc.);
- economic cases (legal service of the enterprise, bankruptcy case and etc.);
- labor cases (unfair dismissal employees and etc.).

Law firm «Maslov, Gashinski and partners» is guided by the following principles:

- clear specialization of our lawyers. If you contact our bureau, you will find highly qualified specialist in the field,
- legal advice is provided efficiently and on time,
- strict observance of lawyer-client confidentiality.
Advocate bureau “Maslov, Gashinski and partners” is located in the city center of Minsk, it is close to the railway station.